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Professional Development


Fellowship Tuition Policy

The purpose of this policy is to allow students pursuing graduate degrees to take courses beyond their degree requirements without additional financial burden to the student and little or no cost to the University. Such courses, referred to as "fellowship" courses, can broaden the educational experience of graduate students by allowing them to pursue studies according to their own intellectual needs.

An application is required in order to have a course approved as a fellowship course. You are not charged for fellowship courses as long as you are registered for the minimum number of credit hours per semester for your degree program as required by the School of Graduate Studies and/or your department. Also, you must have a Program of Study on file at Graduate Studies. All policies relating to drop/add and withdrawal apply to fellowship courses. Please note that courses will not be allowed to count as Fellowship Courses retroactively.

The form may be found here.

SGS Graduate Student Travel Award

Download the School of Graduate Studies Graduate Student Travel Award application.

Applications will be accepted beginning July 1st, 2015.

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) at Case Western Reserve University is pleased to sponsor a program designed, in part, to facilitate mentorship between graduate students and faculty mentors.

SGS will expend some of its endowment income to sponsor fulltime graduate student travel to conferences at which a paper or poster will be presented. Academic departments are expected to contribute funds, a 50/50 match, to demonstrate support of the application.

The maximum contribution from SGS is $500 for travel within the United States and $1,000 for travel outside of the United States in support of conference-related expenses such as registration, lodging, meals, and transportation. Furthermore, only two nights of lodging and two days of meals with a maximum meal allowance of $48 are chargeable to and reimbursable with original receipts under this program and all Case travel policies are applicable. The applicant is responsible for making the necessary travel arrangements. Conference locations which are within the continental United States will receive highest priority in funding.

In order to maximize program coverage, students can receive only one award while enrolled in a degree program housed under SGS. Applications must be endorsed by a faculty member who serves as a mentor to the student applicant and should include a brief description of that relationship (research agenda extension, joint or co-authorship, etc.). In addition, applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to budgetary considerations and will be returned to applicant if incomplete. Please note that SGS reserves the right to terminate this program without notice and to retract its financial support under adverse situations.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete and submit the School of Graduate Studies Graduate Student Travel Award application two weeks prior to travel.
  2. Prepare an estimate of the direct costs (registration, transportation, lodging, meals, etc.) associated with the conference.
  3. Submit an abstract of the paper, which was accepted for presentation, with documentation of that acceptance (association letter, program schedule, etc.).
  4. Include the following statement of acknowledgement at the end of the estimate of direct costs and at the bottom of the first page of the paper or poster:
    • Statement of Acknowledgement: This presentation was made possible, in part, through financial support from the School of Graduate Studies at Case Western Reserve University.

Deadline: None; review of applications will begin at the start of the academic year.

Number of Awards: Unspecified, but limited to and dependent on a pre-set annual allocation.

GSS Verhosek Fund

The Graduate Student Senate sponsors the Verhosek Fund for students who present at a conference, as well as for thesis/dissertation binding. Application procedures and restrictions are available on their website: Verhosek “V” Fund.

Please submit the following application: V-Fund Application.